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NEW PRODUCTS to address a highly relevant issue in connection with cloudbursts.

Unfortunately, cloudbursts are becoming increasingly frequent, and many people experience flooding in their basements and other places in their homes due to the back-flow of sewage.
Naturally, you can install a backwater device to safeguard against the back-flow of sewage, but it’s quite expensive.
As an alternative to installing a backwater device, Toiee has developed 4 new products, which we have called Drain Plugs, to address the problem of backwater sewage.
Quite simply, it means that when there is a cloudburst warning in the area where you live, you can fit a Toiee Drain Plug in the sewer pipe, where there is a risk of backwater sewage.
The necessary Drain Plugs can usually be installed very quickly. This simple device can prevent sewer water from penetrating the room and causing unpleasant damage and inconvenience.
A Toiee Drain Plug consists of a sturdy balloon, hose and pump. It is available in the 4 different sizes that occur in a home, namely sewer pipes of 33 mm, 40/50 mm, 75 mm and 110 mm. The 110 mm device can also be used to block the toilet.
Toiee Drain Plugs have been approved by the Danish Technological Institute to a water pressure of 3 mH2O, which corresponds to the pressure from a water column of 3 metres.
Toiee Drain Plugs can also be used as balloon plugs in the sizes mentioned.
Naturally, Toiee Drain Plug can be used many times. Store it in a dark place.
Examples of the use of Drain Plugs in various sizes