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Welcome to Toiee's web-shop

Toiee Danmark ApS is a company with exclusively proprietary products.
We have the following products for convenient and efficient cleaning of a toilet bowl, where limescale or ochre deposits have become firmly attached:
Toiee toilet descaler is a balloon that closes the toilet's water trap. This allows the toilet bowl to be filled up with water and one of our toilet cleansing agents. Either Toiee Special toilet cleaner or Toiee Special toilet cleaner Extra Power.
No other method is more convenient or effective for cleaning toilet bowls, where lime or ochre deposits have become firmly established.
We also have Toiee Cistern Cleaner for descaling the toilet's cistern and thereby avoid a "running toilet".
We also recommend Toiee Special GEL descaler, which is a viscous product that can be applied to e.g. tiles, taps etc. and to remove limescale deposits. The viscous nature of the product means that it can remain in place and continue to work for a long time.
As something new, we now also have products to safeguard sewer pipes against back-flow of sewage in the event of cloudburst:
Toiee Drain Plug was developed to provide a convenient and inexpensive way to block the back-flow of sewage in connection with the many violent cloudbursts we experience in many parts of Europe.
A Toiee Drain Plug is a sturdy balloon in a drain or toilet bowl to prevent a back-flow of sewage flowing into your home. The Toiee Drain Plug consists of a sturdy balloon, hose and pump, so that it is easy to install. The Toiee Drain Plug is available in 4 sizes.
The Toiee Drain Plug has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute to a water pressure of 3 mH20 (3 metre water column).

Toiee toilet descaler and Toiee Drain Plug are developed in Denmark and are pending patent.